Look Tall With Top Fashion Tricks For Short Heighted People

Get Ready Faster… | Best Fashion Websites

Stay away from bulk. Shorter women can be overwhelmed by large patterns, heavy or long jackets, and bulky handbags. Avoid any clothing that makes the leg look shorter. This means Capri pants, skirts with hemlines that cut the leg, and pants that have heavy cuffs. Tucking in your top will also help you appear taller. Flowing shirt hems can shorten the look of the leg. Jackets should be shorter, lightweight, and well-fitted. Choosing a narrow belt to give a more tailored appearance, wider belts will cut your look in half.

The microfiber fabric absorbs water through osmosis, wicking it away. And since 80 percent of your blow-drying time is used removing the water from your hair, this simple step will cut your drying time in half and get you out the door quicker. Pick an eyeshadow palette that takes the guesswork out of getting ready To avoid wasting your time staring at the zillions of eyeshadow colors you could accent your eyes with, use a palette with designated colors for your eyelid, crease, and brow bone.

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